Friday, June 6, 2014

Brazilian Girls!

As you can guess by my first post, where I mentioned Patricia Araujo and Juliana Souza - I love Brazilian transsexuals! Brazil is a great country with a high percentage of transsexual women who are obviously accepted in their culture and society more than some other parts of the world. Some of the most beautiful transsexuals ever comes from this wonderful country. Beside aforementioned Patricia and Juliana, I just want to share with you some other Brazilian beauties who inspire me. 

Rayanne Lenox, Luana Araujo, Bianca Friere:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Domino Presley - My Hero!

I got to dedicate a full post to Domino Presley, one of my absolute favorites! What is so special about this trans-girl? Not only that she is one of the most beautiful transsexuals ever (if not the most beautiful herself!), she is my eternal inspiration because I was following her transition from the very beginning, and the way she slowly transformed from a cute fem-boy to an incredibly beautiful woman is outstanding! She is literally perfect and her often image changes are something that always makes keeping up to date with her, to check for her new videos and to follow her on social networks. For all who are interested to learn about her transition I would recommend to check video timeline of her on Tranny Index: TS Domino Presley. Going through that blog from the very first video of her you will be able to see her full transition. For me, Domino will always be a true TS goddess!

Some of my favorites...

Hello, I'm Ivy and this is my first post on this blog. ;) Being a huge shemale admirer and also a transgender myself, I spend so much time everyday enjoying the beauty of transsexual pornstars from all over the world. Looking at those beauties is something that inspire me in my own transgender life and I idolize and look up to those girls. In my first post right here I will share photos of some of my favorites, from top to bottom: Patricia Araujo, Juliana Souza, Natalie Foxx, Bailey Jay!